Who we are

The Australian Oceans Institute (AOI) is a not-for-profit environmental think tank, focusing on oceans, including coasts and catchment areas. AOI researches best practice oceans governance and seeks to educate the public and policy-makers about sustainable oceans management. From our research we produce reference guides and policy papers and run seminars, conferences and workshops to educate and seek avenues to new solutions.

AOI pursues a collaborative approach, working with industry, governing agencies, the scientific community and other stakeholders to achieve effective solutions. Our aim is to work with existing marine NGOs, complementing their activities and strengthening the outcomes.

Our organisation is linked with the Environmental Defence Society (EDS), New Zealand’s leading environmental think-tank, established over 40 years ago. By working with EDS, AOI will also seek to leverage learnings across the Tasman, providing exchange of information on best practice outcomes.


What we are doing

AOI has started work on a number of research policy papers, guides and events. Please see the Projects section for further details.

Why we are here

Healthy oceans are the key to a sustainable environment given their dominant role in weather and climate, in supporting biodiversity, and as a major food supply. The pressures on the ocean are significant and growing, including coastal population growth, pollution, fishing, mineral extraction, climate change and shipping. When compared to land based protection and management, there is currently minimal active concern or protection for the ocean.

Good governance implemented well is the key to a long term healthy ocean. It isn’t cute or emotive, but it is important and offers the best risk management tool. AOI aims to fill the existing need for good, objective thinking on best practice oceans governance. And as a trans-Tasman organization, we can leverage shared learnings across the Tasman and the work already being done by EDS.


How you can help

AOI is seeking funding from partners to support the organization and its first initiatives. Please see Support AOI for funding structures and packages.