Our current projects

The Australian Oceans Institute is working on the following initiatives:

Marine Management Guides

Produced on a state-by-state basis. Based on a similar guide produced by EDS for New Zealand, the books will be used by planners, policy makers and marine stakeholders to understand how Australia’s oceans are currently governed and considerations for enhanced environmental outcomes.


Fisheries Comparison

Research report comparing the fisheries management systems used by each of the Australian states and territory and the Australian Federal and New Zealand national governments with concluding best practice recommendations.


Marine Institutions and Governance

Research paper into international and regional examples of institutions designed to deliver effective marine governance and the relative success of different models. It will conclude with recommendations for Australia, including the states, and New Zealand. Undertaken in conjunction with EDS.


Marine Biodiversity Offsets

Research paper for Australia and New Zealand on how to best implement biodiversity offsets in the marine space. Project to be done in conjunction with EDS.


Plastics, Recycling and the Ocean

This is a multi-tiered approach to address the growing impact of plastic waste on the marine environment. Social media campaigns will target localized rubbish cleanup and minimize-waste programs while research comparing current Australian recycling systems to that of international case studies will provide best-practice recommendations.