Fisheries Comparison

Research report comparing the fisheries management systems used by each of the Australian states and territory and the Australian Federal and New Zealand national governments with concluding best practice recommendations.

  • No such report or information source exists today. Such a report would be a key resource for companies, project developers, policy-makers and planners as they seek to understand the impacts that their decisions and actions have on the oceans.
  • Research work will include in-depth legislative review and extensive interviews with stakeholders, all levels of government and representatives of the various industries that interact with marine environment including: commercial fishers, recreational fishers, aquaculture operators, boating companies, fishing gear manufacturers, processing plants and exporters.  
  • Fisheries and the ecosystem services they depend on are a primary natural asset of the planet. The health of our fisheries is under significant threat due to poor management and ongoing conflict. This non-partisan report, outlining what is currently done by “best managed fisheries” (as stated by both New Zealand and Australia) provides a grounding step for progress.