The Australian Oceans Institute is seeking funding to support the organisation and its first initiatives.  AOI is open to discussions on possible partnership structures.  Some indicative packages are outlined below.  Please contact us for further details.


Oceans Leadership Council.  Open to companies wishing to provide overall support for AOI.  The Council will convene annually to review AOI’s progress and advise on new initiatives.  Membership is available at different levels, with proportional benefits.  Joining the Oceans Leadership Council provides the opportunity for a member to join at the ground level and influence the organisations development.


Specific project funding.  Funding to be provided for a specific initiative.  Marketing and branding tied to that one initiative.  Projects may be co-funded by one or more parties.


Event/Conference sponsorship.  Funding related solely to an event or conference with defined benefits relative to other sponsors levels.  


Grant funding.  Funding provided either for a specific project or for the organisation in general, but with no marketing benefits. 


Individual funding.  The Australian Oceans Institute is currently in the process of applying for approval as a Registered Environmental Organisation and a Designated Gift Recipient.  A public fund, The Australian Oceans Institute Fund, will be established as part of this process.  Once all approvals are received and the Fund has been establish, we will welcome donations from the general public.